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Welcome to Sabrage Champagne & Cocktail Bar


Bubbles & Sparkling

Welcome to SABRAGE Madrid, our Champagne and cocktail bar with a very eclectic style in the heart of Madrid. We are born with one mission in mind, gather and connect our community to the bubbling world of Champagne.

The Champagne is a symbol of joy, celebration, distinction, luxury, and care. More than showcasing Champagnes, SABRAGE true focus is on the champagne makers themselves, due to the meticulous preparation and their personal approach where every detail is taken care of, to make the bubbles and sparkling wine that we love.


We also strive to make high quality cocktails that are part of the mission, using only fresh, simple & top ingredients, with our main character the Champagne. 


Madrid it’s thirsty, let’s bring the sparkling – Cheers!

Sabrage Baja13_edited_edited.jpg


Madrid it's thirsty. Let's bring the sparkling - Cheers!

Fresh, clean & top quality ingredients!

Meet me down at the bar, We’ll drink together!

Sharing is caring as striving to share high quality food.

'I only drink Champagne on two occasions when I am in love and when I am not.'

Coco Chanel.

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